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  • The study duration is 5 years
    (professional title obtained: magister – equivalent to Master's degree)


If you know the importance of raising and educating children, you have found the study for you:

  • you will have a pedagogical preparation and qualification to work as a teacher of kindergarten and early childhood education - grades I - III primary school (according to the standards of education preparing for the teaching profession).
  • you will be able to work in nurseries and children's clubs (in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of National Education of 1 August 2017 on the detailed qualifications required of teachers and the Act of 4 February 2011 on the care of children up to the age of 3 years as amended on 19.04.2018).

You will gain a solid background in:

  • psychology and pedagogy;
  • the content-related workshop of pre-school and primary school teachers as preparation for the integration of teaching content;
  • supporting the development of pre-school and early school-age children;
  • foundations of didactics of integrated teaching in kindergarten and grades I-III of primary school;
  • the methodologies of the different types of education, including ways of integrating children's or pupils' knowledge and skills;
  • working with a child or pupil with special development and educational needs in kindergarten and grades I-III of primary school;
  • the organisation of the work of the kindergarten and school with elements of educational law and children's rights and the culture of the kindergarten and school, including the education of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities;
  • fundamentals of educational diagnostics for teachers;
  • culture of language;
  • apprenticeships;
  • research methodology.

We offer you a solid study programme that is modular in nature and assumes a close link between theoretical and practical preparation for pedagogical work with pre-school and early school children. The programme is in line with the directional requirements of pedagogical education, teacher education standards and the Polish Qualifications Framework, and one that meets the expectations of employers. The programme takes into account the current needs of the economy, labour market and society.

Faculty of Social Sciences
Institute of Pedagogy
 39 Żytnia St.
08-110 Siedlce