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  • The study duration is 3 years
    (professional title obtained: licencjat – equivalent to Bachelor's


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  • The study duration is 2 years
    (professional title obtained: magister – equivalent to Master's degree)


If the other person is at the centre of your interests, you will be a great educator.

After completing the first-cycle programme, you will obtain a basic professional qualification depending on your chosen specialisation:

- carer for the elderly and disabled – after receiving a degree in pedagogy, you can work in nursing homes, hospices, retirement homes or community self-help homes, as well as in private care homes, as an assistant for the elderly (in their home environment and in social care institutions). You can also start your own business as a counsellor, assistant for the elderly in organisational, care and service dimensions.

- guidance and counselling pedagogy with pedagogical therapy - you will receive pedagogical preparation to work with children and youth with development, care and upbringing deficits, and to initiate and participate in activities related to perceiving disorders, attempting diagnosis and pedagogical care, and organizing educational and therapeutic activities. You will also be prepared to work in education as a pedagogue, in care and upbringing centres, diagnosis and support centres.

- caretaker and educator of children - you will receive pedagogical preparation for the profession of a caretaker and educator of young children, and you will be able to work in such institutions as: nurseries, children's clubs (public and non-public) as a caretaker of young children, daily caretaker of children; in socialising institutions (e.g. Homes for Young Children, Homes for Mothers with Children and Pregnant Women) as a caretaker of young children, children's caretaker; in commercial institutions offering temporary care of children to parents, in hotels, guest houses, holiday homes - as children's animator.

- personal advisory - you will obtain pedagogical preparation and competences for advising employers in solving psychosocial problems of managing human teams, planning employees' careers and selecting staff for managerial and other positions. You will be prepared to undertake work as a personal advisor; labour advisor, labour analyst, employee recruitment specialist, payroll specialist, occupational advisor and labour intermediary in the human resources departments of enterprises and institutions, in personal advisory agencies, employment agencies, vocational guidance agencies, temporary work agencies and labour offices.


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