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First-cycle studies

Mode of study: full-time

Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Professional title obtained: Bachelor

Requirements: choose two subjects taken atthe Matura exam from the following:biology, chemistry, geography, foreignlanguage, mathematics, social studies

Application deadline: May - September

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Why is it worth choosing this department?

Biology and chemistry analystis one of the most sought after occupationsat the labor market.

If you can say about yourself that you are diligent, precise, you like mathematics and natural sciences - we recommend this department to you.

You will certainly have fun studying!

  • You willl earn methods of performing chemical analysis and molecular diagnostics, as well as industry issues. What's more, you will learn how to use new and innovative techniques and this will make you a competent, potential employee and it will definitely make you stand out at the labour market.
  • You will study, amongothers,material ofclinical, plant,animaland food origin. If you are familiar with mathematics and natural sciences and if you are meticulous, diligent and associate your future with the work in a laboratory, this is the perfect department for you!