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Department of Education Study

Department of Education Study carries our research in the fields of social studies and the humanities. The research conducted is related to educational needs in tertiary education as well as social needs. Focus is placed on the need to link research structures to the economy as well as the social environment in the local community. Among other things, the research conducted at the Institute concerns: preschool and early school education, social maladjustment at the present time of change, integrational education, inclusive education, psychological help, the social role of local media, selected elements of educational spaces, the changing reality of education, education theory and history, education philosophy, cultural education and animation, artistic education and art therapy, prophylaxis and health culture for students, and security education at various educational levels.

Department of Polish Philology and Logopaedics

Department conducts research in two disciplines: linguistics and literature studies. Linguistic studies (including speech development and speech disorders), methodological aspects of language programming in speech management, linguistic and communication competence of people with hearing loss and literacy difficulties, the linguistic image/picture of the world, as well as the Polish language of archival sources (acts of speech, genres, discourses), in addition: Slavic analysis, linguistic comparative studies (verbal confrontational formation of Slavic languages, mainly Polish, Russian and Czech). Literature studies of the Institute's employees define the following areas, including interdisciplinary and comparative ones: from the history of literature, concepts and forms (from the Middle Ages to the present time), taking into account the cultural civilization determinants of the age of globalization, among others: interpretations of Polish and foreign literature, literature of the cultural borderland, Polish mystical literature, avant-garde trends in Polish literature of the twentieth and twenty-first century, Women’s Studies, links of literature with law, art history and social sciences, as well as didactics in the Polish and applied aspects.


Department of History and International Relations

The scholars of the Department of History and International Relations prosecute researches in the following fields concerning the particular historical epochs. The researches on the ancient history are concentrated upon the Iranian warfare with special regard for the influence of the ancient Iranian warfare on the neighbour countries. The different religious aspects of the functioning of the society from the antiquity to the 19th century are studied: religious history of ancient Israel, the history of the Polish mediaeval Church, the history of the Eastern Churches on the territory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the religious life in Kongo in the 16th-19th centuries. The researches on the economic and social history of the Polish lands in 19th-20th centuries concern such problems as culture and education, the military education, the internal security, uniformed services. The Polish settlement on Siberia is also very important subject of researches. The studies on the history of the bureaucracy and the archives are in a category by itself.

Department of Social Science and Security

Cognitive foundations of security sciences including theoretical - methodological aspects of those sciences.

  1. Security historiography covering the period of the Second Polish Republic, Katyn massacre and the Holocaust, historical policy and biographistics.
  2. Polemology focused on the causes, essence and specifics of wars and armed conflict, including their military  and non-military aspects.
  3. Strategic studies covering the issues of intelligence and special services including economic intelligence, measurement of state power, security policies of states, fundamentalisms and new technologies in security.
  4. Security policy of the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Department of Modern Languages and Interdisciplinary Studies

Department of Modern Languages and Interdisciplinary Studies Research carries out research into epistemology, contemporary literature studies (reinterpretation of classic texts, Baroque discourses, the influence of philosophy on literature) as well as applied linguistics (lexicography, natural semantic metalanguage, specialised language, translation, contemporary methods of foreign language teaching). Together with the University of Lausanne, the Institute publishes the international journal Mirgorod (http://www.mirgorod.uph.edu.pl/en/).