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Department of Agronomy

The Department of Agronomy conducts study on the improve of cultivation technology agricultural plants in different systems of cultivation these are assesment of enviromental conditions, agricultural measures including innovative technical solutions, quality evaluation of vegetal raw material; ecology of the research includes protection of biodiversity and biological methods of crop protection. Economic studies concern the analysis of enterpreneurship in rural areas. The results of the study are implemented in agricultural practice in the form of implementation instructions, utility models and patents.


Department of Bioengineering and Animal Husbandry

Department of BAH conducts scientific and research activities as part of the strategy of the region and the country. The research is conducted in the field of genetics of livestock population, welfare and reproduction of highly productive animals. The effectiveness of the use of new feeds and feed additives in animal nutrition is evaluated. Diagnostic methods are being developed to improve the quality of animal feed and branded food products.

Department of Biology

The scientific interests of the staff of the Department of Biology are concentrated in the field of classical natural sciences as well as dynamically developing experimental areas of biology. Our employees are specialists in arachnology, biochemistry and molecular biology, botany, zoology, ecology, plant and animal physiology, hydrobiology, microbiology, ornithology and protection of nature and environment.

Department of Health Sciences

Nutritional and beside nutritional factors influencing human health. Market of agrotouristics services. The analysis of medical rescue system.