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Department of Chemistry

performed their research in synthesis and study of physicochemical properties of new materials. Those are heteroaromatic compounds, siloxanes, complexes with transition metals, liquid crystals which can be used in electronic, pharmaceutical and agriculture. The study focused on heterocyclic compounds and optimalization of new stereoselective synthesis methods aimed at discovered biologically active compounds. Obtained structures are confirmed by NMR technique and X-ray analysis. Synthesis and spectroscopic study of luminescence complexes are a drive to find new materials for optoelectronics. Researches in area of anti- and pro-oxidants in foods allow assessing healthy properties of food products. Furthermore, there are conducted studies concerning influence of electrons with nucleotides and aminoacids, what is a consequence in recognition of mechanisms of formation of civilization diseases.

Department of Computer Science

conducts research and development and implementation in the field:

  • design and implementation of IT systems,
  • computer network design,
  • implementation of security systems and technologies in computer systems,
  • implementation of the latest technologies in existing IT solutions, research, and development.

Department of Computer Science has a qualified staff of experienced employees who carry out research and development projects but also work in the field of design, programming, and implementation of IT solutions. There is active cooperation with the industry in the field of introducing innovative technologies. We invite you to establish cooperation; we offer suitable conditions and timely implementation of tasks.

Department of Mathematics and Physics

has focused their research on:

1. Cosmic ray variations
2. Nonlinear optimization with approximated information
3. Algebras and lattice theory
4. Border sets of non-autonomic dynamical systems
5. ZF topologies
6. Non-antisymmetric collective sets and their applications